Monday, 21 May 2012

The Knack 'My Sharona'

Another one that reminds me of Hot Summers and school...


  1. This reminds me of travelling to Wales in the back of my parent's car. I was lucky enough to own one of the first Sony Walkmans and would listen to all my favourite tunes on the journey to our holiday destination of sunny Rhyl. In my head I would invent videos to accompany said tunage. Sharona, in my version of events, was a lovelorn terrapin. In the end he died. Mum often asked why I looked so sad when this song came on the radion. Parents! They've no idea! Good day!

    Neil. Stoke.

  2. That's right Neil. They don't write Terrapin based songs like this any more and no mistake. Good day to you sir!